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Thursday 9th September

Thursday 9th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Another busy and exciting day at Children’s House. The children are now settled back into routine and are able to move freely around the nursery. They know where to find the things they need and how to get outdoors into the playground from the classroom. It is so nice to see ground floor and first floor children able to play freely together after the very strict bubbles of last year.

In the garden today we had a focus on ball skills, the children of course had fun but staff were also observing how children throw, catch, kick etc. in order to plan for the next steps in their learning.

We always start our teaching with observations of what children know, understand and can do. This helps staff to carefully plan what children need to know next.

Indoors children were learning scissor skills and experimenting in the water tray with containers of different sizes.

Water play is an important part of early learning. Children develop motor skills through lifting, pouring, squeezing, etc. they learn to problem solve and develop their language, their scientific and mathematical understanding and of course it’s good for social development as they take turns and share.

I hope everyone received a copy of the proposed plans for federation.

There will be a meeting for parents on Tuesday 21st September.


Have a lovely evening

Developing ball skills

Learning how to use scissors