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Tuesday 10th November

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Good evening everyone,

Another busy day at Children’s House, Shazna and our student teacher Priscilla took groups of children for a local walk. They practiced crossing the road safely and looking for traffic signs.

Learning to cross a road safely takes time and practice. Children do not develop a consistent ability to judge the speed of oncoming traffic or how far away it is until they are around 9 years of age. However, research shows that the earlier a child is introduced to road safety the better the outcome, so The Children’s Traffic Club works with parents and carers of children aged 3-5 years to create good lifelong habits. You can access the club by clicking on the link below.

Parents can therefore help in the following ways:

Talk to your child about roads, vehicles and pavements as soon as they begin to understand language. Simplicity is a fundamental part of the traffic club’s approach and using consistent one-word instructions to your child such as “Stop”, “Look”, “Listen” and “Think” enables children to learn road safety more quickly.

Read books and stories about roads, vehicles and pedestrians to build your child’s awareness.

When you are out walking with your child, always make sure you cross safely. Ideally wherever possible, use a pedestrian crossing, but if one is not available, take time to find a safer place to cross like a zebra crossing.

Be fully present when out with your child. You need to be alert to potential dangers from vehicles and other pavement users. If you are distracted by your surroundings or mobile for example and are not focused on keeping safe, your child may learn bad habits and be at greater risk of road safety accidents.

Talk to your child’s nursery teachers to understand what approach we use when it comes to road safety. Ensure that what you do and say with your child is consistent with the nursery, so that you don’t end up confusing your child.

In nursery children were working on number recognition and others were initiating their own creative modelling,

Have a lovely evening.


Road Safety Walk

Number Recognition

Creative Modelling