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Tuesday 13th October

Good afternoon everyone,

Today children continued their exploration of leaves, they enjoyed looking at non-fiction books to identify different leaves, looking at leaves with magnifying glasses, drawing leaves and printing their own leaf pictures.

They also listened to autumn stories, we particularly enjoy “Percy the Park Keeper” by Nick Butterworth and “Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper you can listen to both stories by clicking the links below.

In addition we enjoyed Autumn Poems about falling leaves.

Taking a Walk

by Mary Jackson Ellis

“Taking a walk is so much fun.

We don’t hurry;

we don’t run.

We watch for birds; we watch

for bees.

We look for all the falling leaves”.

A reminder that we have the second of outdoor learning courses tomorrow. Do sign up if you haven’t already.

Last time the parents had great fun in Bob’s Park, what a great thing to do on a crisp Autumn Day.

Have a lovely Evening.

Exploring Leaves