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Tuesday 14th September

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today as you can imagine the main focus of the day was rain, rain and more rain. Children love rain and are fascinated by puddles, rainbows, the noises rain makes and how all the snails and worms come out in the garden.

We always say at Children’s House there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. So on a rainy day, put your child in wellington boots and a rain coat and they will have hours of fun, jumping in puddles, sailing boats, adding paint to rain water counting snails and all kinds of wonderful outdoor splashy things.

Please be assured we keep children warm and comfortable at all times. But there is nothing nicer for a child than splashing about in the rain.

Indoors children carried out a survey. This was to discover the favourite way to eat potatoes. Children unsurprisingly nearly all voted for chips, whilst the adults tended to prefer a roast potato.

Children were also learning about hands, and how they use them.

Our new children are settling in well and our old children are making us proud by being so welcoming.

Have a lovely evening.

Looking at and comparing hand prints

How do you like your potatoes?