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Tuesday 16th March

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today we continued to welcome new children to nursery, the children already here have been excited to meet new friends and have been really welcoming.

As science week continues, children extended their work on floating and sinking by designing, making and testing their own boats. They were predicting which materials would float, which would sink and which would absorb the most water.

Indoors children continued to experiment with floating and sinking and the children who hadn’t made ice-cream had a turn.

As the nursery is now full (we have almost 150 children on site), please can I ask you all to clearly label your child’s clothing. This way we can gather up lost items at the end of the day and return them quickly to the right child.

Have a lovely evening

Designing, making and testing boats in the garden

Making ice-cream in first floor class

Fun in red class

Ground floor class predict what will float and what will sink?