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Tuesday 16th November

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today some of the children and parents went on a trip to the Half Moon Theatre to see The Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds. This is one of our favourite books in nursery. It tells the story of Ben and Bella and all the animals who want to join them at bath time. The children really enjoyed seeing the story brought to life on stage.

It is wonderful to be able to go out on trips again and I know that parents and staff enjoyed the outing too. Please don’t worry if your child hasn’t been on a trip yet there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year. Remember all children will have a theatre experience on Friday when we watch a performance of Goldilocks and the three bears by the Booster Cushion theatre company.

Back in nursery children continued work on road safety. Some were busy with the remote controlled cars, others made a roadway in the garden and others were learning about traffic signs. Red class got involved too and enjoyed practing their road safety skills in their playground.

Today you will have received a text reminder to apply for a primary school place for September 2022, if your child was born between the 1st September 2017 and the 31st August 2018. You must do this before January 15th 2022. We are happy to assist if you are having problems.

Have a lovely evening

Off we go to the theatre....

Remote control cars in action

Imaginative play in first floor class

Red Class practice their road safety skills