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Tuesday 17th November

Tuesday 17th November 2020

Good evening everyone,

I hope you all had a good day. Please can I politely remind you all (unless you are exempt) to wear a face covering when picking up your child. The infection rate is currently high in Tower Hamlets and we need to help to protect each other.

Today children continued to show interest in transport. In the garden, they spontaneously put chairs together to make their own bus and had great fun going off on adventures together.

Sadia followed on from the local walk yesterday by making a 3D map with the children of the local area and other children worked on a tally chart to show how everyone travelled to nursery.

Our two year olds were busy exploring the marks and patterns vehicles left in play foam.

Many children will be bringing home their 7 week assessments today and all parents of new children will be going a phone call or zoom meeting this week to discuss their child’s progress.

This week a number of parents have been asking if they should book a coronavirus test for their child, please find below a letter from the UK government to parents and guardians which contains advice on this.

Have a lovely evening.


Two year olds enjoy exploring vehicles in foam

Mapping out a local walk

How do you travel to school? Tally Charts