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Tuesday 18th May

Tuesday 18th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Please can I respectfully remind you all that we are still in a pandemic. The Indian variant of Covid is currently spreading in Tower Hamlets.

If your child has a cough and a high temperature we will ask you to take your child for a COVID test. If you are not happy doing this then unfortunately we will have to ask you to keep your child at home for ten days. This is to ensure the safety of everyone in our school community. Tests are free, quick, and easy and will not hurt your child. Please help us to keep nursery open and stop the virus spreading.

The children have been continuing to learn about life cycles and farm animals. Outside they made a farm out of blocks and indoors they were drawing, painting and learning about animals. Red class morning children also enjoyed their Eid party today. They looked very nice in their Eid and party clothes and had fun playing games together and sharing food.

We have also been observing children writing their names so that we can provide the appropriate help. If you are teaching your child to write their name at home please only use a capital for the first letter and ensure that the rest of the letters are in lower case.

There are also photos of a friend on the blog who had a lovely afternoon taking the cable car from Greenwich across the river.


Have a nice evening and stay dry

A fun afternoon on the cable cars for a ground floor friend

Look at our animal pictures

Red Class morning class enjoy their Eid Party

Busy builders