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Tuesday 19th October

Tuesday 19th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today we welcomed the new director of education Mr. Steve Nyakatawa. As usual the children were wonderful ambassadors for the nursery as they were engaged in what they were doing, friendly, helpful and polite. Steve was given a lovely tour by the children and enjoyed his visit.

During his visit to nursery he observed children busy “cooking” and making potions in the mud kitchen outdoors, making models at the woodwork bench, demonstrating transient art and children using their senses to explore the different fruits from “Handa’s Surprise”. They discussed how the fruits looked, felt, smelled and tasted.

The children really enjoyed having an important visitor to show around and talk to.

Have a lovely evening and why not listen to the story of “Handa’s Surprise” together by clicking on the link below.

Indoor block play

Exploring Fruits

A busy woodwork bench

Painting in red class

Working with clay