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Tuesday 21st September

Tuesday 21st September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today children have been learning how to use community blocks safely. Construction is part of our continuous provision, this means that blocks and other building materials are always freely available for children to use.

We value constructive play as this is one of the ways in which children make sense of their environment. Building takes precision, creativity and critical thinking as a child learns through their play and moderates or adds to their construction.

In nursery we provide a range of open-ended resources which children can stack, link, and balance and ultimately create from.  All children have an intrinsic desire to build and to create.  Construction gives them the opportunity to represent the world as they know it and to make sense of it.

There doesn't have to be a fixed result which is empowering. Children can take control of the materials and use them as they choose, it can be as tall or as long as they want. The children are the experts in what they want to do.

When a child first starts nursery they will often transport construction materials carrying blocks from one site to another. They then may build horizontally, then vertically, then enclose a space and finally after being given plenty of time to experiment they will begin to build with a purpose in mind.

Today children made an entire kitchen out of blocks and were able to extend their mud kitchen play from yesterday.

In class children were busy learning how to mix their own paint, this again is another wonderful learning opportunity as children work out and predict how much water is needed to make paint thick or thin. Being allowed to mix colours is also very exciting for children. At this stage we don’t tell children that red and yellow make orange, they are allowed to discover and experiment for themselves. However, a skilled adult might scaffold the learning with questions such as “I wonder what might happen if you added some yellow to this paint” by doing this children can experiment and have the pleasure of truly discovering something by themselves.

In red class our youngest children enjoyed exploring real clay.

Finally I hope that many of you were able to end the zoom meeting with Helen re: the proposed federation this afternoon.

Please remember that we are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

 Have a lovely evening.



Camping in the forest area

Mixing Paint

Red class explore clay

Fun with blocks - supporting role play