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Tuesday 22nd June

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today we had a wonderful course in Bob’s Park led by Nazia from the parental engagement team. The focus was on the benefits of outdoor learning and parents were invited to attend with their child.

Children and parents went on a nature walk to collects natural objects such as flowers, twigs, leaves and pebbles. These were then used for transient art, with parents and children making pictures together. After this it was time to get active as the sports bags came out and everyone enjoyed ball games, playing with skipping ropes, bats, cones, Frisbees and bean bags.

It was amazing to have a face to face course again and everyone enjoyed the morning. If you would like to attend with your child please do not let us know as we will be repeating the course again on Tuesday 29th July.

Meanwhile back in nursery children enjoyed baking biscuits, woodwork, construction, observing the classroom caterpillars, and printing on a large scale.

Have a lovely evening.


Outdoor Learning Workshop

Large scale printing in red class

Out in the garden

Baking biscuits