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Tuesday 23rd November

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today in nursery we continued exploring different methods of transport.

Children enjoyed looking at all kinds of vehicles and sorting them into land, sea or sky. They learnt that vehicles are not just cars, the term can include planes, trains and boats. Learning about transport and travel in the early years gives children a starting point for making informed choices later in life and helps them understand transport in the world around them. It also gives children a sense of responsibility and helps enforce good habits when it comes to their own safety and protecting the environment.  Children discussed reducing cars on the road and what they could do instead, such as walk, cycle, and scoot or take public transport.

Groups of children went for a local walk, they looked at traffic signs, practiced their road safety and looked at the different vehicles. Once the sun came out it turned out to be a perfect autumn day.

Over in red class children enjoyed using the blocks to make roadways.

Don’t forget, on Friday we have our sponsored cycle ride.

Click on the link below if you have lost your information letter and sponsor form

Have a lovely evening


Road safety in action

Making roadways in red class

Where does it go?