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Tuesday 24th November

Tuesday 24th November 2020

Good Morning everyone,

Today’s blog is all about sandwich making. Cheese or tuna? Brown bread or multigrain? It’s lunch time, so let’s make sandwiches together. We all have our favourites and this is a simple activity your child will enjoy and can do all by themselves. In addition, they will get to eat a healthy lunch and have lots of opportunities to develop language, sequencing and mathematical concepts.

So let’s get started:

First why not listen to the story “Max makes a Sandwich” the link is below.

Then work with your child to make their own sandwich. First encourage them to choose what sort of bread and which fillings they would like. Talk about the different options together.

Look in the fridge and see what’s there. If you can offer a choice, “would you like cheese and tomato” or “tuna and cucumber”?

Then count out how many slices of bread you will need, modelling language as you go. For example, “we are making one sandwich for you and one for me. Two slices of bread for you and two for me. 1, 2, 3, 4”.

Give your child a butter knife to spread butter on the bread. Talk about spreading the butter right to the edge. Next get them to arrange the fillings and add the second slice of bread.

Talk about the different ways you can cut up a sandwich. You could make squares, triangles or rectangles.

Then sit down and enjoy an indoor picnic.

Materials you will need




Sandwich fillings

Ideas for healthy fillings

Egg and Cress

Cheese and tomato

Tuna and cucumber

Hummus and grated carrot

Avocado and cream cheese.

Hanan is on the blog today making a healthy avocado sandwich and there is a link to the story Avocado Baby by John Burninhgham.

In addition we have one of our friends from the ground floor class singing the Phonics Song.

You can also join in with Shazna today. She is singing some favourite nursery songs.

Sing a long with Shazna, let's join in

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Shazna sings "The Frog song" Can you sing it too?

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Hanan makes a healthy avocado sandwich

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A friend from ground floor class sings his favourite phonics song

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A nursery friend singing the phonics song - part 2

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Leaf rubbing activity with Rina

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