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Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good evening everyone,

I hope you have had a good day and tried some of our home learning activities. Tomorrow you could take a walk just like Kamran did (see below) and collect some sticks to build a stick house for one of the little pigs. As you collect sticks comment on their sizes, ask your child to find you a really long stick, a short stick and a medium sized stick.

When you get home sort the sticks to see which is the longest and which is the shortest. You can let your child arrange the sticks in order of length.

This is a fun activity and will teach your child about length and comparison and of course introduce new vocabulary such as long, longer and longest.

Mirka is on the blog today singing a brand new song about the three little pigs, she wrote this especially for you all so do join in, learn the words, and sing along.

We also have a video clip of the ground floor class acting out the three little pigs. This is also something that you can easily do at home, children love to act out stories that they have heard and enjoyed.

First floor children made “huff and puff” paintings today. They made these interesting pictures by blowing gently on wet paint to create different patterns (keeping a social distance). Do try this at home and show us your results.

Ground floor class built houses for the three little pigs and then acted out the story together.

Our youngest children in red class made their own wolf masks.

In addition all children in ground floor and first floor class had a Think Equal session. Today the focus was mindfulness. Children learnt to be in the moment, to look after their body and control their breathing. A lovely calming session during these stressful times.

Alison is singing and signing today and we have pictures of our busy friends at home.

We have a treat for you all tomorrow, please tune in at 1p.m. Kamran will be delivering a live zoom lesson on early phonics.

Here is the link.

If too many of you log in we will repeat the session. 


Have a lovely evening and stay safe.



Think Equal - Mindfulness

Huff and Puff Pictures

Making masks in red class

Role Play - The Three Little Pigs

Let's go for a walk with Kamran

Still image for this video

Sing the "Three Little Pigs" song with Mirka

Still image for this video

Look who is working at home today

Let's sing and sign with Alison

Still image for this video

Building houses together for the three little pigs

Still image for this video

Hello to friends working at home