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Tuesday 25th May

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

We had a lovely day today. Outdoors our young gardeners were weeding and digging and preparing the beds for summer flowers. Children also planted potatoes in the potato sacks and vegetables in the beds with Rina. We are looking forward to our first crop of new potatoes in a couple of months.

Indoors children were busy with still life observational drawings of real flowers.

We all too often ask children to draw from memory alone – like when we ask children to draw a picture of their family or their house, however at Children’s House we really like to explore the benefits of still life drawing.

This is a different kind of experience that we believe brings additional value to their drawing experience. It challenges children’s understanding and ability to look at the finer details of everyday objects in their environment.

By doing still life drawing we are aiming for our children to be able to slow down and notice the small details of life.

The benefits of observational drawing

  • Slowing down, taking time
  • Learning to really see
  • Noticing details
  • Becoming comfortable with mistakes
  • Becoming confident in attempting something new
  • Translating the 3D into 2D
  • Interpreting what you see in your own unique way

 We always give lots of encouraging positive feedback: “I like the way you are drawing so carefully.” “You have really put a lot of detail into your drawing!” “wow, I didn’t even notice those little lines.”… Making this a really enjoyable experience for everyone and again there is no wrong or right as it is the child’s observation of what they can see.

First floor children learnt about the life cycle of a plant from seed to plant to seed.

Today children also went out for local trips to Bob’s park to observe flowers and blossom. They really enjoyed a local walk as we have missed our trips and outings during the pandemic.

In red class children enjoyed drawing around each other and after school the staff had their British Sign Language Lesson (BSL).

Have a lovely evening, warmer weather is coming!

What is growing in our local area?

Weeding and planting together

Looking at flowers

The lifecycle of a plant

Red Class draw around their bodies