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Tuesday 28th September

Tuesday 28th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you all had a good day and stayed dry. We have had a busy day in nursery today. Chris and Guthsna attended an Ofsted update in the morning and then welcomed the borough head of special educational needs for a visit.

Children continued to explore their senses. In the first floor classroom there was a focus on touch, children had the opportunity to explore wobbly cold jelly, slippery spaghetti, a spikey pineapple, and other interesting textures. They learned new descriptive vocabulary as well as enjoying sensory play.

In the ground floor class children explored smell and had all kinds of exciting ingredients to investigate including lavender and rosemary from our own nursery garden.

Jabadao continued out in the garden. Jabadao is a developmental movement play (DMP) framework for understanding and supporting young children’s physical development in early childhood. It builds their natural drive to move in ways that will build a truly confident, expressive, skilled and happy physicality.

Staff have been trained in programme delivery and have found it a fun and engaging way to get children moving and active.

Red class welcomed new children and the two year olds had a busy day.

Have a lovely evening.

What can they smell in ground floor class?

What can we feel in the bag?

Two year olds have fun in Red Class