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Tuesday 29th June

Tuesday 29th June 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

We were definitely fortunate today that the rain held off in the morning so that our outdoor learning course for families could go ahead in Bob’s Park. We had an excellent turnout with 18 parents (mums and dads) and their children taking part together.

After an introduction to the session everyone was sent on a nature walk to discover natural resources such as twigs, stones and leaves. Back at base parents and children then enjoyed a session of transient art using the materials that they had found. After this it was time to get physical with the bats, balls, stilts, sacks and eggs and spoons. After much practice it was time for the children’s races, the family races and finally the parents’ races. It was lovely to hear the children cheering on their parents with some lovely words of encouragement, “Come on mum you can do it”.

Back at nursery children were sorting vehicles and acting out the story of Mr Gumpy that they made yesterday.

In red class children were experimenting with movement.

In the evening we welcomed new children for a socially distanced “meet and greet”.

Have a lovely evening

Family learning outdoors

Mr Gumpy's Outing....Can I have a ride in your boat?.....

Fun outdoors in Red Class

Exploring transport

We made passports