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Tuesday 7th September

Tuesday 7th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

What a beautiful day we had today with the late summer sun. The children enjoyed themselves outdoors constructing with the large blocks and paddling in water.

Indoors children have been mark making and playing with their newly made salt dough. Over in red class our two year olds learnt how to mix powder paint and we welcomed new friends, who really enjoyed their first day at nursery.

As you will have heard, sadly we can no longer afford to offer school meals in nursery. The service has proved too expensive for a small nursery and we will are losing a hundred pounds a week. Full time children will therefore need to bring in a packed lunch.

I have every sympathy with you all because I know, as someone who was a working parent, what a rush it is in the mornings.

Please be assured that lunch times will still be fun and educational and a chance for children to relax with friends and staff.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy this last bit of summer.

Building together, then cooling off

Working with salt dough

Red class learn how to mix paint