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Wednesday 10th February

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you are all nice and warm at home. Today in nursery we continued learning about Chinese New Year, the first floor children heard all about the traditional Chinese dragon dance. The Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Like the lion dance, it is most often seen in festive celebrations. The dance is performed by a team of experienced dancers who manipulate a long flexible figure of a dragon using poles positioned at regular intervals along the length of the dragon. The dance team simulates the imagined movements of this river spirit.

The dragon dance is often performed during Chinese New Year. Chinese dragons are a symbol of China's culture, and they are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore the longer the dragon is in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. The dragons are believed to possess qualities that include great power, dignity and wisdom. The appearance of a dragon is both fearsome and bold but it has a kind and generous disposition, and it was original an emblem to represent imperial authority.

Today the children explored Chinese parasol dancing and then how to move as part of the dragon.

You can enjoy watching a traditional dragon dance by clicking on the link below.

The children in red class were busy making their own dragon’s head together and later they were really interested in exploring the ice in their playground. They were fascinated to see it thaw back into water.

Children in ground floor class all had a turn to make a delicious Chinese stir fry which they enjoyed for snack. This gave plenty of opportunity to develop chopping skills and learn the names of different vegetables. They all declared the noodles delicious!

At home you could try making noodles or why not make your own paper dragon, the instructions are below.

There is also a link to a really nice Chinese dragon number game, children have to order and sequence numbers and you can choose the level appropriate for your child.

I hope you enjoyed Kamran's zoom phonics session today. He enjoyed seeing so many of you. Some of you have requested the words to the phonics song so they are on the blog below.

Have a lovely evening.


Kamran's Phonics Song

A Chinese Dragon Dance

Children in red class make a dragon head and explore ice

Making a Chinese noodle stir fry... yum

Fun in the snow and then baking cup cakes. The snowman looks hungry....