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Wednesday 10th November

This week children have been learning all about light and dark and day and night. Today the children worked with Shakila, together they discovered facts about animals who are awake at night for example nocturnal animals. They learnt about which animals and birds are nocturnal and how they have evolved physical traits which enable them to roam in the dark. Many nocturnal animals have good night vision. Their large eyes may also be highly reflective when a bright light flashes them.

Here are some examples of nocturnal animals: bats, moths, owls, raccoons, hedgehogs, and wolves.


Today we started our 5 week Early Words Together Programme. This is one of the most effective programmes we have run for supporting parents and carers to develop the home learning environment for their two to five year olds.

The Early Words Together Programme supports families to understand the importance of early literacy development and the value of home learning. It is a volunteer led programme, as part of the programme parents and children visit the Ideas Store (the library) and local museums.

Early Words Together really empowers our families because it helps parents to increase children’s enjoyment of early literacy activities. Participating in the Early Words Together programme improves children's communication, language and literacy skills and increases the frequency of their communication, language and literacy behaviours.

Throughout the programme parents/carers are supported to improve the home literacy environment by developing confidence, increasing knowledge and knowing about fun activities that they can do with children at home.

It was so lovely to see the parents and children working together, we will be running the programme again next term please do speak to Guthsna or your child’s key person if you are interested in taking part.

In the garden the children were busy playing a ‘Nature Bingo’ game and indoors children continued their storytelling with shadow puppets.


The Red Class explored the large brushes with soapy water and indoors children took part in printing with leaves.

Have a lovely evening and hope to see you all tomorrow.

What are Nocturnal Animals?

Storytelling with shadow puppets

Nature Hunt

Busy children in the Red Class

Early Words Together