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Wednesday 12th May

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

We have had a busy time in nursery today as children have been baking biscuits. When we cook with children each child follows a recipe themselves from start to finish. They don’t watch the teacher make something or take it in turns to “stir the mixture”. We want children to have real hands on experiences and learn how to do things independently.

Every child has their own bowl and utensils and is taught how to measure out ingredients. Recipe cards have pictures to follow so children who aren’t quite reading yet are able to see clearly what comes next

Cooking in the early years is a great, fun experience which offers a wealth of learning and development. Just one cooking activity is able to promote all seven areas of the early years foundation stage and because children enjoy the experience so much they are not even aware they are learning about numbers or developing skills. Cooking is also a sensory experience engaging all five senses.

Cooking also gives children knowledge about food, where it comes from and what is healthy and unhealthy. These are all important skills to give to children in order to encourage them to make good food choices.

If you want to try making biscuits with your child at home here are some handy tips:

  • Allow the children to do as much as they can for themselves
  • Promote good hygiene before beginning such as cleaning tables and washing hands
  • Encourage the children to look at the ingredients and think about what they might be cooking
  • Encourage the children to name the ingredients and discuss where it has come from or how it grows
  • Make simple recipe cards containing small numbers and easy to measure units such as 1 cup
  • Encourage the children to weigh out their own ingredients
  • Teach them skills such as how to cut safely or how to crack an egg
  • Talk about what is happening as you mix the ingredients together – Use scientific language with the older children such as solid and liquid
  • Talk about the textures and smells
  • Be supportive and allow the children to explore, actively learn and critically think for themselves
  • Talk about healthy and unhealthy choices as you cook

Recipe for shortbread biscuits


125g soft butter

55g sugar

180g flour


Pre heat the oven to 180C

Cream the butter and sugar until it is light and fluffy

Fold in the flour and mix it to a soft dough

Roll out on a floured surface

Use cookie cutters to cut out biscuit shapes.

Bake on a greased baking tray for approximately 20 minutes

Finally Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday and children can wear Eid or party clothes.


Have a lovely evening.

Ground floor class baking

First Floor Baking