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Wednesday 14th April

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

We have got off to an excellent start to our summer term and the new children are settling in well. We have also welcomed children from red class into the main nursery and they have adapted quickly to new faces and routines.

Today was such a beautiful day that most of the children gravitated outdoors. The garden is the perfect place for creating on a large scale. The children looked at paintings by Cy Twombly an American artist who is famous for works infused with colour and energy.

Children were given ribbons to move to music with large movements and they then transferred these movements onto paper.

They really enjoyed the process of creating art through movement. Elsewhere children were busy making vehicles with the community play blocks and constructing on a large scale.

Children have also been learning about the holy month of Ramadan.

Have a good evening.

Art as provocation - Bacchus by Cy Twombly

Learning outdoors