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Wednesday 14th July

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Tomorrow we will be saying goodbye to a very special group of children. Our leavers, children who have spent their entire nursery education coping with Covid, lockdowns and bubbles. We couldn’t be prouder of them. We wish you could join us for the celebration of their time here, however we will post pictures etc. on the blog tomorrow. We will sadly also be saying goodbye to Kamran who is leaving to teach in Kuwait and to Hannan who is leaving to work in Phoenix school. we will miss them both very much as they are wonderful colleagues and educators.

It is a non-uniform day. Children will then finish for the holiday and return to nursery on Monday 6th September.

The graduation photos have arrived and are really lovely. You will be able to purchase these at your parent conference on Friday.

One photo is £10

Two photos are £16

Three photos are £20

And if you need 4 there is a special price of £25

You will be able to order additional photos as well.

In nursery today, children helped tidy their classrooms, sort out any old or damaged books and toys and searched for lost clothing.

They were also kept busy with ring games in the garden such as “duck, duck, goose”.

Indoors children were busy making models with recycled materials or lego or making patterns using small pegs and pegboards.

Patternswith pegs

Creative Modelling and Construction

Duck, duck, goose