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Wednesday 16th June

Wednesday 16th June 2021

Good evening everyone,

Today we had a visit from James Thomas the Corporate Director of Children’s Services and Culture.

It was so nice to welcome a visitor (albeit socially distanced) and show him all the exciting things that happen at our nursery. James was so impressed with the children, their behavior and the way he was shown around by children eager to tell him all the things they do each day. We were so proud of them and are so lucky to work with such amazing children.

During the Director’s visit he observed children weaving spider webs, making silly soup in the mud kitchen, building with the community blocks, baking mini-beast cookies, creating a bowling alley, making fruit kebabs, writing, learning phonics and working with numbers. In the two year old class he saw children painting on a large scale and keeping cool with water play.

He even popped upstairs to visit the art gallery.

The visit finished with children singing the caterpillar song. It was a lovely visit.

So a big thank you to our director and children.

Have a lovely evening.

A visit from James Thomas, Corporate Director, Children's Services and Culture

First floor children make delicious fruit kebabs

Large scale painting

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle