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Wednesday 16th September

Good evening everyone,

I hope that you have all had a good day.  One question that parents often ask is why we have water play available every day for children. Sometimes we are even asked if we can stop a child playing in water.

In the early years we recognise that the environment we plan for our children is also a teacher, so every day we ensure that there are lots of meaningful play activities for children to access themselves and water play is one of these activities.  Like sand play, water is part of our continuous provision and is always available. This is because playing with water is a rich and valuable experience which not only develops children’s creativity and imagination but helps develop motor skills, language, mathematics, scientific knowledge and social education. As children gather at the water tray they learn to cooperate and take turns.

Water also provides a sensory experience for children as they pour, squirt, scrub, stir and squeeze using the water play resources.

Water is one of the basic raw materials for purposeful play. Just like sand, clay, and blocks, children can use water without being constrained by the one, right way to use it, water is a plaything that fosters curiosity, imagination, and experimentation and it is free. The water tray is where children can experiment however they like using the resources available. They can estimate how many small cups the jug will fill, test if something will float or sink, bathe a doll, sail a toy boat or just have fun pouring splashing and emptying and filling containers.

To be COVID secure all children wash their hands before and after water play and water is changed regularly throughout the day. Children wear aprons and are shown how to roll up their sleeves. Of course children will sometimes get wet and an adult is on hand to ensure that they change into something dry when play has finished.

We welcomed more new children today and guess what, some headed straight to the water tray.

Thank you for your patience at the end of the school day, as you can imagine getting over a hundred children quickly and safely to their waiting parent will be difficult to start with as children adapt to the new routines. Please remember to join the queue at your child’s gate, keep social distancing and ideally wear a face covering. In this way we can safely bring your child out to you.

Have a lovely evening.

Water play in ground floor class and in the garden

Two year olds wash the animals