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Wednesday 23rd September

Good afternoon everyone,

Today children will have been given two letters. Do ask if you didn’t receive either. The first one is from the Department of Education.

This is an important letter which shares some information on how we can work together to make sure we can continue to give children and young people the best education in the safest way possible. It also provides advice on Test and Trace.

The second letter is about a course for parents/carers. This will start on Wednesday 30th September.  We have thought carefully about how we can safely run courses for parents during COVID, we really value parental engagement and attending a course is a good way for parents to meet each other, learn something new, have fun and get to know the school and staff.

We are starting off outdoors with a course on how we can use outdoor spaces to enhance children’s learning and development. There will be five places available in each group and we will repeat the course over four Wednesdays so that as many of you as possible can attend. Do let us know if you would like to join in. If you are the parent of an afternoon child, your child can attend in the morning on that day, if you would like to take part.

Children in the main nursery continued their work on senses today, they had a fun time exploring different smells and trying to guess what was in the sensory box. Again this is a fun thing to try at home, today children smelled a variety of different things such as; limes, coffee, vinegar and a scented candle, this activity is a great way to teach new vocabulary as children describe how the lime smelt etc.

Other children who missed out on the listening walk had a turn today and you could see them walking around wearing giant ears.

Over in red class the two year olds were busy exploring the paint they had mixed as they tried finger painting.

We also welcomed a playground designer today as we have exciting plans to refurbish our outdoor space.

Have a lovely evening .

The two year olds try finger painting

What can you smell today?