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Wednesday 23rd September

Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today children enjoyed the late summer sun out in the garden. They discovered an enormous spider which was a huge source of fascination and carried on with the large scale construction they started yesterday.

 Indoors children were learning to how to use the creative modelling materials provided in our art and craft areas. (Junk Modelling)  As parents you will all know that young children and babies often show more interest in the wrapping and packaging of presents than in the contents.

In nursery we collect clean empty packaging for children to construct with. They love the freedom of playing with open-ended resources such as boxes, cartons, plastic tubs, wrapping paper and cardboard tubes that allow them to give free reign to their imagination. The same resources can become a different ‘toy’ each time they play – from castles to spaceships or dens to houses.

Creative or junk modelling, is creating new and exciting things from discarded items, it not only provides hours of free or minimal cost fun, but also helps to develop children’s imagination and creative abilities while challenging them to explore, investigate and problem solve as they bring their plans and ideas to life.

When they are using the creative modelling materials children can work on their own or co-operate with others, learning to negotiate and share ideas. When they create something new it can give their confidence and self-esteem a big boost. They can also consider how their plans have worked out as they think about what they might have done differently or how they might improve their model. However, it is important to remember that it is the process of creating that matters rather than the end product.

Junk Modelling is also something that you can do easily at home, just make sure that the “junk” you are using is clean and safe. Here are some suggestions for resources to collect:

Packets, various sizes and shapes, shoeboxes, large cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots, wrapping paper, tissue, bubble wrap, cotton reels, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers, foil. Jar lids, fabric scraps, egg boxes, wool and string.

You can also provide glue sticks and sellotape. Models can also be painted. A good tip is to take a photo of the model as they have a limited life.

You can see below some of the exciting things created today. Some children were clearly constructing with a purpose in mind, whilst others were exploring how to join to items together. However a child chooses to use the materials, it can never be wrong and as children create and explore, they are developing those important problem solving skills.

Have a lovely evening.


Creative Modelling in the First Floor Classroom

Improvised seating at the easel

Look what ground floor class are creating

Large scale construction in the garden