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Wednesday 24th March

Wednesday 24th March 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

There was lots of excitement in nursery today as some children have brought in their Easter hats and we had a fun day of activities which included making Easter nests, rabbit egg and spoon races, sand designing their own Easter eggs.

If you would like to make your own Easter nests at home they are quick and easy and children enjoy the crumbling, mixing and stirring (adults help with melting the chocolate please).


Shredded Wheat

Cooking chocolate

Cadbury Mini eggs

Paper cake cases


Crumble the shredded wheat

Add to melted chocolate

Spoon into cake cases and add the mini eggs


Tomorrow is the last day of term. We have a really fun day planned for the children, please don’t forget your Easter hats.

Have a good evening.

First Floor make Easter Nests

Cooperative play in the sand....what are they hiding?

Racing rabbits......