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Wednesday 24th November

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Firstly please can I apologise to the ground floor part time children. I am so sorry that we had to close the class this afternoon. However, the toilets became blocked and we did not have enough toilets for all children to use safely.

You will be pleased to know everything is now fixed and we are fully open tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

Today we had 7 week assessment meetings after school, it was lovely to see parents in the building.

Interest in cars and vehicles of all cars remains high. We are following the children’s lead and building on what they already know. We think carefully together to plan what it is that children need to know next to progress their knowledge and understanding.

Children have been interested in the ramps so today they covered ramps in different materials to discover which was best for helping a car to go fast and which material slowed a car down. They also revisited yesterday’s trip, looking at the photographs and recalling the road signs they saw.

Red class are also interested in vehicles and had a busy day painting, drawing and learning the names of different types of transport.

Have a lovely evening.

Red class explore printing

Exploring ramps