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Wednesday 28th April

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today children had the opportunity to work with clay. Clay is a wonderful medium for young children to explore. Most children when given a piece of clay are instinctively motivated to explore its qualities. We often don’t even need to provide tools, we just put out clay. Children need lots of time just working with clay and their hands. Pounding, pushing, rolling, squeezing, poking, pinching and twisting.

Some children just enjoyed the experience of working with clay whilst others really got into sculpting with a purpose in mind.

Outdoors children sculpted with cardboard shapes and red class enjoyed foam and imaginative play.

Children have also been discussing Ramadan and sharing stories with their friends.

Fortunately the rain arrived at the end of the day so children were able to enjoy plenty of fresh air.

Have a lovely evening.


First floor work with clay

Sculpting in ground floor class

Free play in red class