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Wednesday 29th September

Wednesday 29th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today staff set up obstacle courses for the children in order to provide more challenge for climbing and negotiating space. There was plenty of interest in this activity and children started adding their own challenges to the course using the blocks and ramps.

Indoors work on senses continued as children continued to explore smell and touch.

There was also interest in paint mixing and using the easels. In the outdoor sand pit children chose the large trucks and diggers. We try not to overset up the nursery so children can freely access the resources they need to add to their play.  For example there is a child sized shed next to the sandpit and children can freely access buckets, spades, molds, diggers, etc.

At snack time children enjoyed a selection of autumn fruits as well as cheese and crackers.

We are still welcoming new children. Nursery is full for two year olds however if you know anyone with a 3 or 4 year old we do still have some spaces available.

Have a lovely evening

Red class enjoy corn flour and an obstacle course

Children in first floor class explore different smells

A garden obstacle course

Ground floor children explore "feely trays"