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Wednesday 30th September

Good evening everyone,

We have had a very busy day in nursery, in the morning a group of parents attended the outdoor learning course in Bob’s Park. Everyone enjoyed it and we will be repeating it three more times, so please do book if you want to make new friends and hear ideas for supporting your child’s learning outdoors.

The two year olds were also learning outdoors today, playing all kinds of physical games, jumping into hoops, climbing and throwing balls, they had a lovely time developing their gross motor skills.

The older children were busy making different shakers and listening to the sounds they make. This is something that can be done very easily at home, all you need are empty containers such as smartie tubes, small cereal boxes etc. half fill them with lentils, chick peas or anything you think will make an interesting sound and let your child experiment. Exploring sound is part of our early phonics programme and listening to instruments is one of the ways children learn to recognize different sounds.

Children also enjoyed woodwork in the playground, using real tools but child size.

Have a good evening and see you all tomorrow.

Making musical instruments

Woodwork in the playground

Physical games in the playground