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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that those of you who managed to join Kamran’s Zoom today enjoyed the session. He reported that it was good to see so many familiar faces.

We have a live story time for you on Friday afternoon, so do check in.

We have had a busy day in nursery. In the ground floor class the children made gingerbread men and in the first floor class children made ginger scented play dough to use at home.

The recipes for both of these are posted on Monday’s blog. Just click the link in the planning sheet.

In red class children decorated their gingerbread men. Decorating cakes and biscuits is an activity children really enjoy and of course it is good for developing fine motor skills as well as creativity.

Just make (or buy if you are in a hurry) plain biscuits or cupcakes. Buy some tubes of different coloured icing, sprinkles etc. and let your child draw their own designs in icing. They can then add decorations of their choice.

It keeps children busy and occupied and of course they have a treat when they’ve finished.

Children were also involved in their own action research project today.

They were finding out which was the most popular biscuit.

Children were allowed to taste small pieces of popular biscuits and were then asked to choose a favorite. Children kept tally charts to see which was the most popular. (Last time I checked I think it was pink wafers)

Involving children in collecting and presenting data for graphs, charts or pictograms helps them to understand the information. Although we as adults are able to look at a graph and very quickly take from it the information that we are looking for, even a simple pictogram is a strange and abstract concept for a young child to understand.

At Children’s House we often gather the children together and survey them to find out what their favourite thing is for example ice-cream flavour or pet. The results are invariably presented in the form of a graph, bar chart or pictogram, and the children are then quizzed to find out which is the most or least popular and how many people like strawberry, vanilla or mint choc-chip. Unsurprisingly, many children struggle to understand what a graph is or what it is used for and are unable to read the information that it presents. However when we make simple pictograms or 3D graphs children can easily process and understand the information.

Have a lovely evening and do have a go at baking gingerbread or making the play dough.

Action research and data handling. Which is the most popular biscuit?

First Floor make ginger playdough

Red Class decorate gingerbread and have a fun day together

Making Gingerbread in the ground floor class

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne, read and signed by Judy

Still image for this video

Sadia is making props for the Gingerbread Man story

Still image for this video

Puzzles at home

Look at these lovely houses for the little pigs

Getting inspiration to draw from observing the outdoors