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Wednesday 6th October

Wednesday 6th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

This evening we had parent conferences for some of our new children. We are so pleased with how well the children have settled this term and how supportive and understanding everyone is of the covid safety procedures. So a big thank you to everyone.

 Today was a busy day in nursery as children continued with their book making, there was plenty of interest in this activity. Children are making books about their families and their favourite things.

In red class children were learning how to use scissors and glue as they made collages. You can imagine how pleased the two year olds were to be given their own scissors and glue. I’m not sure how much was actually stuck to paper, but they certainly enjoyed themselves.

There was also interest in adding things to dough and outdoors children continued to listen to sounds and were busy in the construction area.

Have a lovely evening and there will be more parent conferences coming up.

Cutting and sticking in red class

Transient art with natural materials

Adding to dough

A busy construction area