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Wednesday 7th October

Good morning everyone,

I hope your week is going well, I’m sure you have heard from your key person how much we miss you all and can’t wait to open again on Monday. Please do reassure your child that nursery will open again soon.

This term as part of learning about ourselves and our amazing bodies, children have been exploring their senses.

Shazna is on the blog today with a listening game for you all to try at home, she also suggests that when you go out for some fresh air you encourage your child to tell you about all the things that they can hear. By playing listening games, children become active listeners and eventually they will develop the ability to detect and discriminate between sounds and identify and understand them (in words and sentences). These skills are absolutely crucial for the development of speech, phonological awareness and, ultimately, reading.

You can also help your child even more, by being a good listener yourself and really focusing when your child is talking to you.

Mirka is also on the blog with a fun activity which all children enjoy, fill a bag with household objects, or toy animals, or fruit/vegetables etc. Describe the object to your child without naming it and see if they can guess what it is before you pull it out of the bag.

This game will also develop your child’ listening and understanding. Once they understand the game see if your child can describe an object to you. This is a much harder task.

Hanan has sent in some lovely photos of an activity she did with her own children to encourage them to eat their fruit and vegetables. So today you could try preparing a healthy snack together, children are more likely to eat food that they have prepared themselves.

There is also a link to the story Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear by the same duo who wrote and illustrated yesterday’s story.

Have a lovely day and do tell us what you are busy with at home.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? [CC]

What's in the bag, can you guess?

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Let's play a listening game

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Healthy Snack Time...