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Wednesday 8th December

Wednesday 8th December 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding yesterday. I am pleased to report that the drains were successfully cleared and the unpleasant smell has gone from the classrooms.

As you will know the school server has broken and we have no internet, it is taking longer than expected to download our files from google cloud. Because of this it is difficult to upload photos to the blog and therefore you will see that there are less than usual.

Today children enjoyed playing “hockey” in the garden, using the sticks to try to hit the ball into a goal. They also enjoyed making up their own dances to Christmas music.

In class children designed and made their own party hat. When children are invited to make a card or a hat, we ensure that they are able to use their own ideas. We place far more emphasis on the process than the finished product, so children choose the materials they need, discuss how they want the finished product to look, then think through how they will put their ideas into practice. As a result, every child has an individual hat special to them, rather than something designed by the teacher that every child has made.

Have a lovely evening.

Getting ready for the Christmas party...

A letter from our new executive headteacher