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Wednesday 8th September

Wednesday 8th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Another lovely day today, children in the garden enjoyed designing and making their own waterways with blocks and guttering. In red class the younger children  learnt how to mix salt dough and in main nursery children enjoyed transient art.

Children’s House always has transient art freely available as an activity for children it allows children to work with loose parts and natural materials to create their own designs and pictures. Children are able to create and explore ideas without the pressure of getting it right, they quickly realise that the non-permanent nature of their creations allows them to move, to change, to experiment and to explore.

There was also great excitement outdoors when we harvested the potatoes we planted last term. These will be used in cooking, but today children enjoyed comparing them by weight, size and colour.

Children coped amazingly well with the switch to packed lunches, there was much talk about the different things they had brought to eat. Children sit with adults at family tables and are provided with plates, water, cutlery etc. to make it the nicest experience possible. It went really well, a huge thank you to everyone for your understanding and support with this.

We finished the day with circle time, singing and a story.

Have a lovely evening.

Harvesting potatoes

Making waterways

Transient Art

Red class make play dough