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Balance Bikes at Children's House

Cycling at Children's House Nursery School 


Welcome to our cycling page!


We are so excited to be launching our balance bike programme - we want every child who leaves Children's House to be a confident cyclist: either using the balance bikes or a two wheeler pedal bike!


Why are we doing this?

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit, enjoy time with friends and family, improve physical and mental health and London is full of wonderful cycle routes and parks where you can cycle!


How are we doing this?

We have built this target into our new School Development Plan for 2022-24 and so it will become an embedded part of our ongoing provision.

Children will be taught positive cycling behaviours, fitting and wearing a helmet, bike maintenance and how to develop skills such a balance, perseverance, spatial awareness, safety and joy!


We want to see our children being part of the global community: travelling by bike is good for the planet.


Did you know Becky cycles every day from south London - she even cycles under the River Thames!


Introducing Ready Set Ride - 7. Helmet Check [HSBC UK | Ready Set Ride]

A quick and simple helmet check before you set off riding.

Balance Bikes Introduction

Balance bikes are a brilliant way to help your child get ready for pedal, try the balance games whilst out on a ride round the park or on the way to the shops.